Xingye serves the country and Lida Wanjia

Large Aluminum Formwork Enterprise Specializing in Aluminum Alloy Formwork System for Construction
Handan Xingli Aluminum Formwork Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale aluminum formwork enterprise specializing in the design, research and development, production, sales and construction of building aluminum alloy formwork system. It is one of the five major production bases of Aluminum Formwork in the 12th Central Railway Bureau Group of the Central Enterprise. The company is located in Guangping Economic Development Zone, Handan City, Hebei Province, covering an area of 210 mu. It has a production workshop of 35000 square meters, a site of 40000 square meters, and two production lines of aluminum formwork. There are 210 employees, including 32 professionals.
Xingli Aluminum Formwork Team is an early research and development team of Aluminum Formwork in the industry. The key technical members have participated in the design of Aluminum Formwork System of Vanke Real Estate, Zhonghai Group, Rongsheng Stock, Xincheng Real Estate, Mei Group and other large real estate enterprises, and accumulated a large number of research and development of Aluminum Formwork, construction site assembly, old sheet. Practical experiments, such as recycling, have achieved the successful development and use of the fourth set of aluminum template system from the first generation of aluminum template to today.
With the increasing market share of Xingli Aluminum Mold Aluminum Alloy Template System, in order to ensure product quality and service ability, the company introduced standardized management mode, implemented factory standardized management system, implemented "learning standards, building standards and using standards, guided staff work with standardized thinking, and led enterprises with standardized thinking". The management concept of "industry development" ensures that every domestic and foreign project undertaken by Xingli Aluminum Mold can meet the company's unified standards in design and production.
With its unique design concept, advanced production technology and perfect pre-sale and after-sale service system, Xingli Aluminum Mould has won the respect of developers, contractors and various suppliers, and established a long-term good cooperative relationship. In the whole country, Xingli Aluminum Mold Aluminum Alloy Formwork System has been adopted by Vanke, Hengda, Zhonghai, Meiji and other excellent real estate companies, as well as large and medium-sized construction enterprises such as China Railway Construction, China Construction, Soviet Construction and Zhongtian Construction.
Bearing the concern and expectation of the society, Xingli Aluminum Mould will always take creating "green building" as its mission, persevere and forge ahead with the mind of "Xingye Paying tribute to the country and Lida Wanjia", stand at the height of the development of the aluminum template industry, and constantly research and develop, refine, innovate and devote itself to promoting the construction of green buildings in China. Sustainable and healthy development.
  • Service system

    Xingli Aluminum Die relies on its unique design concept, advanced production technology and perfect pre-sale and after-sale.
  • Management philosophy

    Guiding Employees'Work with Standardized Thinking and Leading Enterprises' Development with Standardized Thinking
  • Development Goals

    Continuous R&D, refining, innovation and dedication to promoting the sustainable and healthy development of green building construction in China
  • Management model

    Learning standards, building standards, using standards, guiding employees'work with standardized thinking and leading enterprises' development with standardized thinking
  • Xingli mind

    Xingye serves the country and Lida Wanjia

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