Sixth Stage Standardization Full Membership Meeting of Handan Xingli Aluminum Formwork Technology Co., Ltd.

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At 3 p.m. on June 20, the Sixth Stage Standardization Training Conference of Handan Xingli Aluminum Formwork Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the conference room of Swan Lake Hotel. The training meeting opened with a standing recitation of the sheepskin scroll "Walk for Love, Move for Love - I Want to Greet Today with My Whole Heart and Love".

Subsequently, some department managers made a concise and concise comparison of standardization before and after landing, as well as the benefits of standardization to the company, team and individual.

The training venue is organized into seven groups in a voluntary way. Teachers from Shi Baokuan ask standardized knowledge on the spot. Seven groups rush to answer questions enthusiastically. The clerks from the comprehensive department score on the spot. Teachers'funny and humorous questions and grounding atmosphere not only activate the scene atmosphere, but also exercise the courage and self-confidence of employees, and enhance team cooperation. Spirit.

When the teacher showed all the participants pictures of Liaoning canonical workshop, warehouse, canteen and staff style, and then compared our problems with the previous ones in the form of photos, indicating the gap between our company and Liaoning canonical. The next stage of standardization work and tasks are arranged.
After Department recommendation and company leadership review, advanced standardization individuals Feng Yanxiao and Li Zhenyi awarded honorary certificates and cash awards at the meeting site. To win outstanding staff Feng Zhangyong, Gaochao, Wang Zhenkang, Li Zhenfei, Zhang Yunfang, Zhang Jun awarded honorary certificates and cash awards.

Finally, General Manager Jin Jungang made an important speech. Jin made an analysis of the development history and prospects of the aluminum template industry, and made arrangements for the current and future major work. It also requires all staff to do well in all aspects of Xingli's work and make Xingli bigger and stronger under the correct guidance of standardization.


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